Free Infographic Masterclass

taught by Eugene Woo

Course description

Learn from the CEO and founder of Venngage:

  • The 5 Key Steps in creating GREAT infographics
  • Our own ICCORE method for transforming data to visuals
  • Design hacks to make your infographics beautiful
  • Short cuts to take your infographics mastery to the next level
Eugene Woo
Eugene Woo
CEO, Venngage

Eugene Woo is the CEO of Venngage, an infographic design tool. His mission is to help people tell their stories with compelling and memorable visuals. He has been featured in publications such as Techcrunch, Forbes, Mashable, and Business Insider. Previously, he co-founded, the biggest visual resume site in the world, with over half a million users. He enjoys reading and writing about infographics, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

You can contact him at: